Russian people have many good sides, and you may find that dealing with them always proves in many ways beneficial.

Russian people have many good sides, and you may find that dealing with them always proves in many ways beneficial. However, there are also uncomfortable aspects when it comes, for instance, to dating Russian women. Anyone, even those who never even saw a single Russian person, can guess what they are.

But you don’t like Russian women for the sole fact of them being Russian, the temper, the personality, the way of life, maybe even the customs — that’s what appeals to people the most. And these aspects of them don’t necessarily have a lot to do with their nationality.

So, if you find interacting with Russian women uncomfortable for yourself — why not see people who resemble them and yet don’t share the same huge disadvantages as the ones mentioned below?

What may dissuade you from dating Russian women?

Such things are mostly unrelated to personality or any other subjective traits. However, they leave a huge impact on the resolve of most people to visit Russia – for one, Russia itself.

Russia itself

It’s not to say that Russia is a bad country, it’s in fact pretty pleasant if you know how not to get yourself in trouble. But the geographical position of the country, on the other hand, is what really feels unpleasant. 

You’ll find that no matter where you live, the trip to Russia will always be long and nasty. Even if you live close to the border of the European part of Russia (pretty much the only part worth visiting) — the journey to the closest civilized city will take no less than 10 hours in a car. 

And you can imagine that airplanes can’t take off right next to the border for your comfort. And if you want a serious and lasting relationship — you have 3 choices here:

  1. Come here, stay and endure the environment you aren’t used to;
  2. Persuade the woman you like to leave with you to your country;
  3. …or repeat this trip on a regular basis

Whatever choice you make, doing any of it is a pain in the neck.

Russians are generally not bilingual

That’s the main disadvantage — they don’t speak English (and largely any other foreign tongue), which makes it hard to communicate with the woman you lay your eye on, and pretty frustrating too. Imagine thinking that you two might make a pretty solid couple, only to realize she doesn’t speak English.

Though not all Russians choose to not learn English, there are many who speak it on a very good level. However, in proportion, they are just minuscule. 

Other Slavic peoples

You could expect that the people closest to Russians in many ways would be their Slavic cousins — most notably, the Eastern Slavs. And, for the most part, you’d be right. They are truly like Russians in many ways, including language and the way of life. However, there is a slight issue coming out of this similarity.

The Byelorussians and the Ukrainians, those closest to Russians in every aspect, also aren’t very keen on learning English. The situation with it there may be even more drastic. Not to mention that Belarus and Ukraine overall are much less comfortable and prosperous, making it, in total, just a downgrade.

Though, it’s worth mentioning that Ukrainians are more likely to leave their homes if they like and trust you, so you perhaps won’t even need to live in Ukraine to enjoy the company of local women.

Picture of a Slavic beauty

The Western and Southern Slavs

But they aren’t the only Slavic people, are they? There are also the Western group (Czechs, Poles, and Slovaks) and the Southern group (Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians, and Bulgarians). 

While you may say that Western Slavs and some South-Western Slavic countries (namely, Croatia and Slovenia) are a lot better-versed in English, they don’t really resemble Russians in this sense. They are also more passionate and open-minded. And they were also heavily influenced by the Western countries over the centuries. 

In the end, they are Slavic and you can clearly see the similarities that derive from this fact, but these peoples are in many ways different

The Baltic countries

The one place you wouldn’t expect to share whatever traits the Russian women have in store is the Baltic region. And the term doesn’t imply any big of a region, but only the three countries Southwest of Russia — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

And there reasons why you wouldn’t expect something of the sort from this region is that the local population isn’t even remotely Russian.

And also because you probably didn’t even know of its existence before. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing much.

The locals resemble Russians greatly, however, because they have a lot of history together. And even before that, a similar environment made them behave similarly. So, it’s not altogether strange. 

The locals are conservative, proud, and maybe a little cold. Just like Russians. When it comes to dating, you also won’t get a fountain of emotion as you could, were you dating someone more Southern. 

And yes, they do learn English in these parts, mainly to leave the country to work or leave abroad. So, you can expect that the women here know the language on an adequate level or at least study it diligently so it would be interesting for them to practice it with you.

The Nordic people

When it comes to Russians, most people imagine the stoic cold type of personality. Well, it’s not exactly paramount for a Russian to be like that — first of all, not all of Russia is in the Northern latitudes. Moreover, the third of Russia rarely sees snowfall. 

Still, this image isn’t totally wrong, a portion of these beliefs are actually somewhat true. For instance, they don’t smile or show courtesy to strangers because it’s not something you should have for granted.

The Nordic people behave similarly, but in a different sense of it. They don’t show much emotion because they don’t feel like it’s something you should do on default… and also because living in the North is sometimes very depressive. And the Nordic women are quite beautiful, look it up.

That’s why the suicide rates are the highest in Finland, for instance. Helsinki is a very damp and grey city, many inhabitants of whom feel depressed all the time. Just like Russians. 

Image of a Nordic lady

The Italians

Dating depressive ladies may appeal to someone, but this word alone doesn’t define what a Russian person is, there are lots of them. And many, conveniently, are shared also by the Italians.

It’s a surprise, because, frankly, there’s nothing similar between the two nations on the surface. One is Southern and sunny, and the other is damp and mostly in the North. Not to mention the depressiveness, the state of mind you can’t be in while in Italy. 

Why choose the Italians

If the fact that Italians are attractive isn’t enough, there’s something else you might (or not) like. Many people from the West nowadays prefer Russian women not only because of their physical appearance or maybe their personalities. 

A lot of people in the West don’t feel like following the recent trends of feminism, SJW zealotism and other hypocritical tendencies some people came up with because they don’t have real problems in life, it seems.

Russians, on the other hand, don’t care about it, they have real hard-pressing issues in their own everyday lives, all the while being modern civilized people. Italians don’t really like this stigma as well — some would call it jingoistic, but nobody really cares about it in that country.

In conclusion

If you ask what people are physically and spiritually closest to Russian women, and yet speak English on an adequate level — the answer would be ‘the Baltians’ and ‘the Nords’. It’s even easier to get to them, given you come from the West. Not by much, but at least it’s comfier to stay in these countries. If not for anything else, then because they are much smaller and you can’t really get lost here.

Well, hopefully, you liked this article so much that you’ll consider seeing the other several texts on this website. They may or may not prove useful to you in your search. But if you’re tired of reading for today, you can watch the video about dating Russian women specifically, it’s right below: