I remember when Kim Cattrall was interviewed on TV, she said, “No, my sexuality isn’t like Samantha Jones’, and I think nobody’s sexuality is like that.” Well, in actuality, my sexuality is like that. I guess the Australian culture is a bit different from the English/American culture because people are much more open-minded in Australia. I know my best friend’s sexuality is also like Samantha Jones’s and it’s quite common in Australia. Because when Samantha Jones was dating hot men in New York, she didn’t have reliable dating apps to use. But today we all use the best dating apps Australia.

∆1 Brilic

Brilic dating app

I live in Sydney, the biggest city in Australia. I’m a PR executive, but my work is a bit different from Samantha Jones’s work because this is 2019 when most work is done online. When Samantha Jones is working, she goes to parties all the time because she is the sought-after publicist for celebrities such as Lucy Liu. That’s why she has many opportunities to meet sexy men at fancy parties. In contrast, my work is mostly done in front of a computer, although I sometimes attend functions. Therefore, I downloaded Brilic dating app and started to meet handsome men pretty quickly. I met my current lover on Brilic in February 2019. He is hotter than Smith Jerrod.


This is an established dating app in Australia with a large number of daters who are active every day. I have to say that the man-drought is real in Australia because a lot of ambitious men have left Australia for America and Europe – Australia doesn’t have enough career opportunities. That’s why it’s harder for women to find high-value men in Australia. When I go out, I often see many single women who are dolled up in order to attract men, but probably they are secretly desperate. However, whenever I log in RSVP, I always see high-quality men online. This popular Australian dating app has never disappointed me. But the only challenge is that most men on RSVP dating app are looking for serious relationships rather than casual hook-ups. Since I’m the Australian equivalent of Samantha Jones, I love men, but I love me more. Therefore, I don’t want to have a serious commitment. I only want hot men to please me in the bedroom.

∆3 Blendr

As I’m very happy to try various apps, I also used Blendr dating app for quite a while and met a guy who is the best PR professional that I know. Although that fling was short, he became my business contact and we are still close friends. He introduced some clients to me because he has a large number of high-quality clients. Now I have become successful in the PR industry in Sydney because of his local connections. Hence, if someone would like to date high-value men, Blendr is a useful dating app because I’m pretty sure that there are many more successful men like that on this app (my cousin also met a very established man on Blendr).

∆4 Zoosk

Zoosk dating app

Zoosk is a big dating app with a large database in Australia. I even saw my ex-boyfriend’s dating profile on this app! But that’s okay! I don’t mind meeting an ex accidentally. Zoosk is very easy to use and nice to look at. All of my girlfriends have joined Zoosk in 2017 and we definitely had fun because men on Zoosk are very, very hot. Well, I have to say that there are many attractive men in Australia, whilst a lot of Australian women are overweight. Thus, I can easily stand out from the crowd and be outstanding on Zoosk dating app.

∆5 Badoo

Badoo app

Badoo is another trusted dating app in Australia because even my aunt is on this app. My aunt is in her 60s and would like to meet a guy for fun. She told me that Badoo has lots of older men who are very wealthy, so she might even want to marry one of them! Indeed, all of the dates that I’ve had via Badoo dating app were wonderful – those rich men took me to upscale restaurants and concerts. I definitely loved that online dating experience.

∆6 Wild

I met a guy on Wild dating app and he came to my office for a hook-up. We did it on my desk. It was absolutely amazing and mind-blowing. Because I’m the boss of my business, I don’t need to worry about who is monitoring what I’m doing at work. That’s the kind of freedom I love and that’s why I started my own business many years ago. Yes, the adventure was wild because when I was making love with that guy from Wild, I didn’t even shut the curtains, so maybe someone in a building nearby could see us making love? But the windows in my office are not 100% transparent. It was thrilling.

Wild app dating

∆7 Cougar Dating Life

I love money, but I love myself more. As a result, I’m happy to be a sugar momma on Cougar Dating Life dating app. When I was younger, I had many sugar daddies who helped me in many ways – they paid for my tuition fees at university; they were my mentors in life; they gave me career advice and even invested in my business without any expectation (so I got all the benefits of running my own business). I’m pretty sure my sugar daddies gave me more allowance than how much I spend on toy boys now. When I was much younger, the average allowance that I received from a sugar daddy was $2,000 per month (and that’s over one decade ago). And I oftentimes had three or four sugar daddies at the same time. Now I only have one toy boy that I met from Cougar Dating Life dating app and I only give him $1,000 per month as allowance. You can call me cheap, but my toy boy says I’m very generous because sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns, according to his experience and observation. I don’t need more than one male sugar baby because I also date other interesting men at the same time. I don’t want to get married because I don’t want to have commitments and responsibilities. I will never have children – it’s not about whether I want kids or not; it’s about whether I want to be a parent for the rest of my life or not – I don’t think I want to be a mother for the rest of my life because I don’t want to have that kind of responsibilities. I only live once.