Brilliant marital life and loving instructions

Deliver a love card without any words to her personal mail address or transmit it by post. All methods are nice.

Set a gold necklace in the box she puts such and wait until she see this thing

Throw about lots of red rose petals on her bedclothes. You’ll see what a beautiful romantic evening you’ll spend with your beloved.

Whisper a great number of compliments in her ear when the whole room are watching at you. Tell your loved young lady how wonderful she is.

loving instructions

Say her some little secret from your life. Present it as something very serious for you and tell that from this moment it will be your joint secret. Turn her notice to the matter that she is the single person who knows this secret and to whom you may trust.

Make a loving essay or message. After that cut it into little pieces. Transmit one a week to your beautiful young lady by post or to her/his place of working.

Form a journal of your passionate wishes and write regularly your fantasies and passionate illusions.

loving instructions

Find or compose a nice passion essay and send it to your dear lady. It will be like in days of our grandparents when guys demonstrated their love feelings in lyrical form.

Make your charming fantasies and deliver them to your young woman by express post. She will be highly surprised.

When you are alone, breathe in her ear: “You are the best! You are wonderful! You are so smart! You are the most brilliant girl I’ve met! “

Feed one another at some public place. Let people believe that you are the happiest family in the world.

loving instructions

Have a pillow fight from time to time.

When you are in private at some party, speak softly in your young lady’s ear the lines from her most-liked love song and make an effort to sing it for her.

Following time you will cook meal for your partner, leave him/her a bill: coffee – 3 kisses in my neck, sweet dessert – 7 kisses, hot drink- hardy hug.

And NEVER, NEVER, NEVER say “I told you so. Why did not you pay attention to me? “.