Can you persuade a pretty Ukrainian lady to leave the homeland for you?

Should you come to any country in Europe, start dating a woman (a Russian, for instance) there and, over time, propose to leave and settle in your homeland, you won’t likely have any luck. Unless the location of your habitat fits the plans of this person (or the plans can be adjusted to fit), you’ll get nowhere with that offer.

But what if you date, say, a pretty Ukrainian lady in Ukraine? Will she be willing to do so?

The Europeans generally work out lengthy plans on where to live and study, considering all the probabilities. European Union, after all, is a large market for universities and places to live. It’s very convenient because often you can travel fast and cheap between countries and then not even pay for your education (should you choose your studying program correctly). 

Ukrainians, on the other hand, have to stay home. Staying in Europe costs much more than staying home, and it’s hard to join a university unless you transfer from one of the prestigious ones they have in Ukraine. So, there’s really no reason to leave, is there? And yet, they do.

Ukrainian emigration

Ukrainians are one of the most emigrating peoples of Europe. The Ukrainian population diminished by 20% (50 million to 40 million) since the proclamation of Independence in 1991. 

However, they mostly leave for Russia, because the environment is similar and you don’t need to learn the language most of the time. 

But some, especially those who don’t speak Russian since birth, choose to learn English (or some other language) instead. Then they leave and settle in America, Germany, Poland and, a bit surprisingly, the Czech Republic. The latter two are a perfect choice, as these countries are still more comfy to live in than Ukraine, and you can almost understand what people are saying. 

Sadly, if you are:

  1. A Western Ukrainian, for whom traveling to Poland or Czechia isn’t any big of a deal;
  2. An English-speaker on at least an adequate level;
  3. A person with savings

…then you’ll likely be tempted to leave Ukraine and settle somewhere in the West.

The reasons behind it

The reasons why people choose to not stay in a country where most of their predecessors lived are obvious, really. Ukraine isn’t a very prosperous (the third poorest in Europe) or a very stable country. 

For a pretty Ukrainian lady, there’s really not a lot to aspire to, unless she’s got a well-paid job somewhere in a good area, but that’s rare. It may feel like an overstatement, but Ukraine isn’t a very good place to enjoy life and to improve oneself. Not when you have Europe at your backdoor.

And what doesn’t make it less tempting to leave is a fact that Ukrainians, in fact, have a heap of opportunities to settle wherever they want in Europe.

Let’s see what these opportunities are and how they help you in your quest to persuade a pretty Ukrainian lady you date to get out of Ukraine and live in your fatherland. 

Not many people would protest it

Picture of a talking couple

When you try to push a woman to be further from her family and closer to you, it may cause a protest among the former. Obviously, it would be inconvenient if you decided to dump her in the middle of nowhere, and they wouldn’t even be able to help.

But the question of whether to bless your daughter to seek a better life elsewhere or not isn’t a hard one in general. Not many people here think that staying in Ukraine is somehow better in any sense. And frankly, emigration is a good Ukrainian tradition. She would be far from the first to emigrate and won’t be the last. 

Be sure to get along with her family

Anyway, if the parents have their own reasoning to protest (everyone has a different situation in life, after all), you’ll be able to persuade them as well. All you need to do for it is to show your responsibility and good intentions for their daughter, and also your girlfriend on your side. 

Of course, they won’t let you take her if you two have only just met on a matchmaker and barely know each other. That’s why you need to wait until you know you’ve hit a peak, or near it, of your relationship.

Ukrainians tend to like the Westerns, by the way. So, if you are a Westerner, they may be slightly more inclined to believe you… unless they are jingoistic and hate everyone.

All people are different, you should remember that. The father, for instance, may ultimately disagree to bless you on this journey because he doesn’t like the idea of his daughter dating someone far away. 

Ukrainians have a lot of diverse opinions on different subjects, there’s little you can expect, really. Ukraine is pretty pluralistic, that’s for sure.

In theory, it’s easy to move out

You know, the chance of moving out successfully doesn’t only rely on your own wishes, but also whether or not you have clearance to do so and whether or not you can afford it.

Well, the latter in the case of Ukrainians, depends on the person’s own wallet. And, since you invite her to come with you, you’ll probably have to cover the expenses as well. But that’s up to you both to work it out. All things considered, it’s not a big deal… unless you live on the edge of the World. In that case, going there will be pretty expensive.

The ease of traveling

On the other note, you’ll also have to get a permit to visit some countries. ‘Some’ is a keyword here, because Ukrainians, surprisingly, can visit most of the World without a visa. This includes, most notably, every country in Europe apart from Great Britain and Ireland, Russia, almost all of South America, Israel, Turkey, and several other Asian and African countries.

It’s really astonishing — if you live in Europe, you’ll be able to depart with your girlfriend right away. Certainly, it doesn’t apply to all the other countries, but you should look into it. Some of them have a light visa regime specifically for Ukrainians. Among them, for instance, are Egypt, India, and Mexico. Not the United States, sadly. 

But let’s be serious, most of this article applies to Europe or North America only, because going somewhere else is a much bigger complication.

The personal issues

Image of couple making plans

There are opportunities a pretty Ukrainian lady you date may seize to leave with you. But the real question is stated in the title: ‘can you persuade her?’

How willing would your woman of choice be to leave her homeland is up to you both. Of course, all of the things above will certainly make her more inclined to join you on your trip home, but only if your relationship is serious and sincere. It’s probably one of the greatest life choices in her life, and there’s no guarantee to leave Ukraine, even with all of its downsides.

That’s why you shouldn’t push her or take it out of nowhere. The best thing you can do is to persuade gradually. Because even if all she wants in life is an opportune moment to bail her country — she won’t if she doesn’t know where. So, bring her over a couple of times. Let her know that you at least have a home and then some.

In conclusion

Whether you’ll ever successfully persuade a pretty Ukrainian lady you date to stay with you at your homeland is up to the quality of your relationship. The fact that it’s quite easy to tempt a Ukrainian to leave Ukraine is nothing if you consider your relationship a fun experience and not a serious bond. 

But even then, it also depends on a lot of personal factors that you can’t get into account if you don’t know the person in question. That’s why subjects like ‘will she come to this specific country’ isn’t in this article. Learn about it first-hand.

But in case learning first-hand isn’t your style, and you prefer reading before getting into practice, there are some more practical guides for dating Russians and Ukrainians on this very website. And here’s the video as a reward for reading this article from scratch to scratch, enjoy:

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