Do beautiful Russian women prefer bad guys?

Rumor has it that Russian women largely prefer a very strong and hard-headed type of men to everyone else. It’s especially true for the beautiful Russian women you can see on the Internet. It’s not uncommon to see one in a relationship with a guy who, to put it mildly, looks pretty aggressive.

If you’d ever seen anything of the sort, you might wonder if it’s necessary to be like that if you want to get to know one of such ladies. To be short, no. It probably won’t even give you higher chances of getting a girlfriend. But it’s really something worth digging into because a naked eye will tell you that Russians really like be aggressive and hang out with aggressive people.

Where’s this belief coming from?

The belief that a lot of Russians idolize violence overall takes root in history. Whatever violent actions that went down in the Soviet Union were greatly exaggerated in the West. Repressions, labor camps, militarism were portrayed even worse than what they actually were. All this made Russian people look barbaric, and this image still stays in the West.

But it’s only history. There are other things which contributed very much to this portrayal. Other than what you can experience, of course. Some of them aren’t relevant as of today, per se. But they are still pretty influential in Russian society.

The popular media

Pretty much every American movie created in the past 50 years depicts Russian people as savages or the brutes who want to destroy something really important. It’s especially relevant because about half of these depictions are gangsters. These gangsters, or Russian mafia, have been very numerous throughout the end of the last century. 

They were the real thing, the Russian society still suffers from the results of their activity. Should you choose to watch any Russian movie from this era — chances are, it’s about the bandit life. This entire topic was romanticized was much, a lot of people grew fond of it. Many still are, but not to that degree. 

And yes, there aren’t many of them left in the open. Before, it was frequent even for legislative systems to be completely under criminal control. But not anymore, hence this image of a Russian society as full of criminals is outdated. However, it’s not totally wrong.

Male’s position in society

The reason why you can see a lot of Russian men with bald heads, dominant looks on their faces and other laughable stuff on the Internet is that it’s embedded in them to not be weak. Being masculine, at least on an emotional level, is demanded by society. 

If you, as a man, will try to be sensitive and do creative work instead of the hard one, you may end up looked down upon. It’s especially true in the province, where men are still sometimes encouraged by the family to join the army rather than join the university. 

In general, not everyone tries to keep a stern face all the time, prove their strength and so forth. But this mentality affects different people differently. At the very least, every male is being told all the time that being strong is very important. So, there’s that.

Do women find it appealing?

Image of a Russian couple

Now, females don’t generally find constant aggressiveness and need to prove something very attractive. It’s the confidence and determination in such types of men is what makes people really fall for you.

The reasoning behind these relationships is simple. The market is just oversaturated with these people. And after all, if there are reasons a woman likes a man, who cares if he’s a little brick-headed. All that matters is what they impress each other with. There are tons of ways to impress the beautiful Russian women. And far from many are bound directly to this brick-headedness.

The men aren’t only tough and stern, you know. There are tons of other qualities that define a Russian man. So, the fact that some of them get into fights quite often doesn’t makes these gentlemen appealing. If you’ve noticed first-hand that, in some cases, it is — well, it’s because a woman matches a man. They are not your type, though. Ignore these examples.

What attracts them, then?

There are alternatives, of course. And still, women sometimes prefer these types of men to others. Why’s that?

Well, it’s simple. There are other, positive qualities, that make them attractive mentally, if not physically. They are also the cause why many beautiful Russian women will always choose their compatriots over foreigners. They are much more pronounced in Russian men than in their counterparts elsewhere. Here are some:

— Confidence. What really sets Russian men apart is that, however stupid the idea may be, they will always be confident in its success and ingenuity. Doubt isn’t a quality that attracts people at all, and Russians have very little of that. 

— Toughness. It’s not even physical strength that’s inspiring, but rather the determination and, you know, neglecting your wounds, for instance. There are lots of articles in the Web telling about men from Russia who make absolutely crazy actions, all the while having knives stuck in their backs, that type of people;

— Daring. That’s exactly the word you can use to describe the Russian people overall. They are masters of doing something very dangerous using improvised means. Not to say that it helps build a solid relationship, but it’s fun to have such a person around

These qualities may not be as helpful at building a lasting relationship, but they definitely help make a relationship more interesting. And life in Russia has a lot of routine, so you’d want to make it as un-repetitive as possible. And life in Russia, in fact, includes a lot of routine. 

What you need to do to gain the same attention

What you definitely shouldn’t do is pretend to be tough, because it never works in any situation. And all of the qualities above won’t help you if these beautiful Russian women you try to hit on aren’t interested to some degree.

Being confident isn’t a primary cause of affection. It helps magnify the impression if you already have something interesting about you mentally-wise. If someone took notice of you, you shouldn’t act tough as some of your competitors would. It doesn’t give quite the same impression if aren’t born with this toughness. 

What you should avoid, however, is show doubt. Indecision won’t benefit you anywhere. Just don’t appear indecisive, and nobody will think that you’re weaker or less appealing as a person. 

What Russian men lack

Image of an emotional conversation

On the other hand, many Russian men have something in common that women don’t generally like. Men all over the globe have this quirk, actually. But those from Russia even more. It’s especially important for them to not appear weak in from of comrades.

It’s talking about emotions. Being cold is no way to make a great bond, but it’s important to be this way if you want to assert dominance. And what can be more fun than asserting dominance?

You shouldn’t speak about feeling too much in public, mind you. Russian women have a similar mindset when it comes to showing emotion in public. They are not against it. On the contrary, it’s fine to show your affection or anything else really out in the open. But don’t be too eager, because Russians often don’t even talk to each other when there’s a big crowd around them. 

At times, do it in private, however, and you’ll feel that your relationship grows a bit warmer. The warmth is your girlfriend realizing that she hasn’t talked to boys about what’s inside you very often. They just don’t do it in Russia.

In conclusion

Those beautiful Russian women you can see online don’t necessarily prefer the ill-tempered guys like the ones you can see in media and on the Internet. However, some elements of their personalities do make them attractive, at least on a mental level. 

That’s not to say that you should copy these elements. On the contrary, you have to stay yourself, because your own peculiarities as a foreign man may very well outshine everything your competitors may throw at you.

Hopefully, you’re satisfied with the answer. If not, you’re welcome to read other articles on the same subject. Or, you can also watch the video below to absorb some information without much effort:

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