DoubleList is a dating service website that aims to connect members from across the country. It was created by Chris Morrison, who also happens to be a dating expert. The idea behind DoubleList is simple: connect people through dating sites. Unlike other dating sites, DoubleList hooks up members exclusively based on their geographical locations. This is more complicated than the usual dating rules. But that doesn’t mean it is easier!

If you are looking for the best DoubleList dating service, check out the criteria they have set for selection. They want members from all over the country, but they are especially looking for people within 30 minutes of the continental United States. So if you live in California, don’t worry; you won’t be missing out on any DoubleList Houston dating options. However, you might not feel right about living in Florida or Texas. In which case, don’t fret because DoubleList Houston is making it easy for people from these and other locations to get to know each other.

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As with any dating site, DoubleList requires that you meet some basic criteria in order to become a member. This process includes age, gender, body type, hobbies/interests, and education information. You will also want to be committed to a casual online relationship – no serous sexual activity please!

When you are ready to find a date, all you have to do is access your profile page.

This is where you can tell DoubleList what you are looking for in a date and exactly what you expect to get out of the date. To DoubleList, casual dating is key. Just remember that you are looking for fun, so focus on this and avoid all that other stuff.

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When you select a few potential DoubleList dates, click on them and contact them. You will probably want to send a ‘joke’ email first, since this way you will get an idea of what their interests are. DoubleList hookup sites are not notorious for sending spam, but it is important to keep this in mind. DoubleList will let you email your partner until you are happy that he/she is a good date. But, if you send too many emails and they do not respond, then you may want to think twice about pursuing a DoubleList date with this person.

DoubleList allows you to sort your search based on location. This is handy if you are trying to find a date in a new city or just want to narrow down your search to a certain city or two. If you are looking for a DoubleList hookup in a specific city or two, you should put that state or city into the search box. You will also want to put in information about the kind of place you are interested in. City and state are great, but putting in a specific kind of restaurant or bar is good as well.

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After DoubleList hookup sites receive your email, you will have some ideas about who you might want to date. Some people prefer a certain type of person, so this will help narrow down your search even more. Once you have narrowed down your search to a few possibilities, you will be notified of which DoubleList you have been linked to. You can click on the link to see what people have sent you and what kind of date you might be interested in.

DoubleList is free to use and has been known to have had 100% positive reviews. Most users are pleased with the features and want to pass the word about how great DoubleList is. The only draw back is that you will not know who you are compatible with through DoubleList until you have spent some time browsing other dating sites. That said, the thousands of singles that use DoubleList each day for finding their perfect date are definitely worth the membership fee alone.