Top Russian dating site

Dream-Singles is a well-known Eastern European dating site. In 2003, it functioned as Dream-Marriage with a big number of success stories. Today, it makes casual affairs in Russia possible too.

A big database of Russian girls

DreamSingles offers one of the biggest bases of Russian brides and girlfriends, taking there are 3.5 mln. male members and 7 times more female members. Inactive female users are being removed.

High quality of girls

Since the majority of women are registered via their local marital agencies, there is a high chance their profile photos will be professionally done. Yet, girls can exchange casual photos during the correspondence.

Some models are encouraged to join for increasing the agency’s rating, others simply want to keep their life level decent, travel, and have a stable partner. So, there are many real girls for sure.

Russia and Ukraine wife

Why Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian?

Westerners often wonder, why dating sites that position themselves as Russian, also contain the profiles of Ukrainian and Belarusian girls, sometimes of other neighbor nationalities as well.

Dating experts explain, all these girls historically speak Russian and are of Slavic ethnic type. Exactly Slavic heritage gives them their classical beauty, blonde or chestnut hair, big blue eyes.

Despite the current political situation, geographical borders and other nuances, these three basic countries remain united by the common culture and type of appearance. Slavic girls have great values as well.

Dream-Singles Pricing

Dream-Singles is both membership-based and credit-based dating site. It means, one needs to purchase the membership plan starting from Silver, for using all services of the site in full length.

But even after that, he will need to purchase the set of credits from 20 to 1000, for spending on each particular feature separately. Each chat minute counts, each mail counts, the gifts delivery costs extra.

Each membership pack contains free credits. One can perfectly find a match with just a $9.99 Silver pack and a minimal number of credits, while a womanizer and intense traveler may need a Diamond pack.

Serious dating on Dream-Singles vs hookups

Initially, DS was meant for international marriages only. Currently, it’s also possible to mark your profile as a long-term relationship seeker. For this, simply join the Serious Dater program.

need a Russian or Ukrainian woman

When your profile is marked this way, you are getting such benefits as highlighting the profile, lifting it to the top, decorating your avatar with the Serious Dater badge so the girls can see it.

Men might have different reasons for choosing serious dating over hookups. They might be old-fashioned, or have a limited budget for intense international sex affairs, or be in need of a life partner.

Some men honestly say, I have no time for fun abroad, I have a sick mother or a motherless child and I need a Russian or Ukrainian woman to help me out. But is it ever real to get engaged in Russia?

A big database of Russian girls

Pros and cons of serious dating

When a man comes to Moscow or Kyiv to finally meet his chosen one and start a long-expected relationship, he often encounters certain obstacles and surprising difficulties. Here are some of them.

  • Friend zone. A decent girl surely keeps you on a distance throughout all first dates, and if there’s an interpreter, she prevents you two from getting intimate as well. It’s annoying.
  • More expenses. Hookups may have their own price as well, but serious dating means courtship with all elements, from souvenirs to profound shopping and monthly support.
  • Parental approval. When you two go serious, it suddenly appears her dad is over-protective, her family member is very sick, and they will miss her too much if she moves.
  • Crazy competition. A decent girl surely has more reasons to keep on choosing until the last moment, thus, you suddenly find out she has numerous admirers who support her.

Experienced daters often report they face all these typical problems in Russia and Ukraine. But, serious dating has a lot of advantages as well, comparing to hookups that are modern yet soulless.

First of all, if one has a good intuition and basic analytical skills, he will quickly notice if a girl is insincere. But if she’s honest, he’ll be loved to the Moon and back, since Slavic women are so affectionate.

It’s actually easy to test her. If a Russian girl replies to you in the chat without any delays, it means she doesn’t chat with other men at the same time. If she’s always free for you, there’s no local boyfriend.

A serious girl is ready to participate in documents preparation, she visits all necessary organizations in order to be together sooner, she may even share the cost of such preparations.

Hookups in Russia via Dream-Singles

We live in the 21st century, and it means the majority of single westerners prefer casual relationships. They bring much brighter impressions, cause less expenses, and raise self-esteem.

Russia and Ukraine are also contemporary enough for practicing hookups, especially the capitals and biggest cities. If one is gallant and polite enough on DS, he can easily seduce a girl and meet casually.

The conditions that would help him succeed, are the absence of an interpreter in between, a girl’s non-commercial mind, her passionate nature and easy virtue. Many were lucky with hookups via Dream-Singles.