Find Russian wife using matchmaking services

The popularity of marriages with foreigners among Russian women is constantly growing in recent years. Men from the west want to find a Russian wife for a long and happy life together.

Sometimes the search for the bride is not like what the man dreams of. Due to the large number of fraudulent sites, searching for a bride online can be dangerous. Before you look for a Russian wife, you need to study carefully the reviews about the matchmaking services.

Avoid frauds matchmaking services

With the help of matchmaking services, thousands of men find Russian wife every year. Why can’t such beautiful and smart girls find the right man in their country? According to researchers, the main reason is that in Russia there are 10 million fewer men than women are. If a man wants to create a strong family and he is looking for a Russian woman who shares his aspirations, then services can help.

Find a Russian wife using matchmaking services

Girls from Russia, without a doubt, are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful girls in the world. This is due to the fact that due to the lack of men in Russia, girls always need to look perfect in order to be able to find a man to start a family or serious relationship.

Russian women monitor their health, nutrition and lead an active lifestyle. They try to go regularly to fitness and beauty salons. From childhood, Russian women are taught to be feminine, tender and elegant.

With the help of the matchmaking services, men can find a single Russian woman who is looking for a husband outside her country. Reliable online services help thousands of men from all regions of the world find the right Russian wife.

Lonely Russian girls post their profiles on dating sites in the hope of finding a suitable husband from another country, because they cannot meet such a man in their homeland. They dream of meeting a serious, reliable and kind-hearted person to create a strong and happy family.

What kind of men do Russian women like

Girls from Russia prefer companions much older. 40-year-old men most often consider 20-year-old girls interesting. Unlike Western women who adore perfect athletic bodies and courageous beautiful faces, in Russia, fortunately, there are different laws of attractiveness. A small tummy will not create any problem for finding a Russian wife. What else is able to hit the female Russian fantasy? The habit of smiling often. Russian girl is not fundamentally important and your bank account. One who has a car and an apartment is already considered wealthy. What to say about alcohol? First of all, a man does not make sense to joke about your love of vodka, the future Russian wife may not like it. However, in no case can we say that the man is a convinced teetotaler; otherwise, he will seem to her an alien.

How to meet a Russian girl

It is easy to be acquainted with Russian girls. If a man is polite, they are unlikely to be ignored; at least a few words will be said. You can meet your future Russian wife even at the entrance to the subway, asking for help from one of the passing girls. Yes, in America or Europe, such a scene may seem fantastic – for new acquaintances, you can use specific places, discos and clubs. Just go to the girl you like and talk to her. The main thing is not to start with too nice a compliment. Ask her if she speaks English and ask for help, explaining that this is your first time at this place.

Russian girls do not expect that a foreigner will immediately charm them: they do not live in a romantic film, where everything is perfect. It will take a long time to gain the trust of a Russian woman, so you need to be very careful and not take the wrong steps. If a man seems to her a womanizer on the first date, she will quickly cool off to him and will be very suspicious of him. It is important for a foreigner to be careful and not make mistakes, showing obvious sexual intentions or watching the charming girl who passed by.

Western men believe that Russian wives are the most desired in the world

How to get Russian wife

A man always needs to maintain a respectful and gallant attitude to his lady. If the first date did not end with something piquant, you should not show the girl your disappointment.

In relation to girls from Russia, accusations of commercialism and prudence are often voiced. In fact, the fact that these girls are primarily interested in the wallet of a Western man is more like a legend than reality. However, for each rule there are exceptions. Having met a beautiful girl, a foreigner should be careful if on the first date she makes it clear that gifts are necessary for her to conquer. A foreigner must understand that in Russia, the man pays all lunches and dinners, especially during courtship. If earlier, he met a girl who could pay for going to the cinema or for pizza, in Russia he should forget about it. This approach does not mean the desire to sit on the man’s neck; these are just features of the mentality.

Another stereotype about Russians is that a girl from Russia dreams of running away from her country and is ready to rush to the first person she meets. Except in exceptional cases, girls living in large cities are not obsessed with the idea of ​​moving to the West. Russian women have deep ties with their homeland and never want to leave it, even if it seems unacceptable for us to live in winter in freezing temperatures of -20. Therefore, Russian girls are not desperate persons; they do not need to leave the borders of their country in order to feel successful. However, there are exceptions. Keep away from girls looking only for money.

The advantages of Russian wives

There are many reasons that push men from developed countries to seek a life partner among foreigners. Perhaps the main thing is emancipation. More precisely, the refusal of most indigenous women in the United States and Europe to play traditional female roles in general, in the family in particular. Men, who dream not of a war for leadership before the grave, but of harmony prescribed by nature, turn their eyes to the countries of the Third World. There, women are still ready to be just wives and mothers, and not launch satellites or manage corporations.

The most popular are Russian brides. As for beauty, here, of course, everything is subjective. Although if, for example, in the London Underground you meet a woman in makeup, in stilettos, then it will definitely be a Russian girl. Western men believe that Russian wives are the most desired in the world, because you can always talk to them frankly, they are very beautiful, they cook very well, and they are the most reliable people in the world.

Russian girls do not expect that a foreigner will immediately charm them

Find your Russian wife on matchmaking services

Most international matchmaking agencies are online services. Services for brides on them, as a rule, are free. As for the suitors, here the payment formats are very diverse. Sometimes it’s just a monthly fee for full access to women’s profiles, including contact information. In addition, it happens that access to the catalog of brides does not cost anything, but for each contact, you have to pay separately. Or pay for each letter sent or received through the site. By the way, sometimes the site is engaged in the translation of letters. In order to have the most diverse and constantly updated database of profiles, sites are combined into affiliate networks.

How to take a Russian wife to her husband’s homeland

However, finding a Russian bride is half the way; you still need to arrange her legal exit from Russia with the subsequent obtaining of the rights of a permanent resident.

For this, an American, for example, needs to prepare and send a petition to the migration service, including a statement, copies of his documents, an essay on how he met and decided to get married, as well as a photo with his Russian wife. The photo serves to confirm their personal meeting. In his absence, it is necessary to provide notarized letters of witnesses to the meeting. And, finally, documents confirming the suitability of the groom (at least $ 30 thousand of annual income) should be attached. And if there is no such income, you can submit a guarantee to a relative or other sponsor.

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