How Matchmaking Services Work and How to Find a Good One

Do you know that the most effective way to find your ideal partner is using a matchmaking service?  According to a recent survey in the United States and Europe, partners who found each other via matchmaking services are 5 times less likely to break up, compared to partners who found each other in other ways.  The finding of this research shows that outstanding matchmaking services and experienced matchmakers know which qualities between two people are compatible, thereby offering excellent and effective services.  In contrast, if you meet your partner at random, you may be attracted to him/her due to physical attraction at first, but nobody knows how sustainable this relationship is going to be in the long term.  So now it’s time to be open-minded and learn how matchmaking services actually work and find out how to find a good matchmaker/service for yourself.

A matchmaking service combines the unexpected advantages of traditional arranged marriages and modern romantic love beautifully.  

In this day and age, arranged marriages are still very common in some countries such as India, Pakistan and even Japan.  Before you blame how old-fashioned this idea is, please notice that the divorce rate of arranged marriages is very, very low – Over 90% of marriages in India are still arranged, and less than 5% result in divorce.  In western countries such as the United States and Australia, the divorce rate is at least 50% or 60%.  It’s hard to imagine how much resources, money and energy have been wasted because of such a high divorce rate every single year in western countries.  Therefore, we would be well-advised to at least rethink what’s going on in the western society.  That means arranged marriages have a lot of benefits and modern love marriages probably don’t work to a large extent.  However, I’m not saying that you should totally choose an arranged marriage – what I’m saying is you’d better consider why arranged marriages work so well.  Clearly, arranged marriages are best characterised by parents’ profound understanding of the boy and the girl’s qualities, backgrounds and values; therefore, the most fundamental elements of a marriage are looked after from the very beginning.  No wonder the divorce rate is so low.  Nevertheless, if you live in a western country, you can’t expect your parents to do that for you, so the best way to leverage what you’ve learned in this article is to hire a matchmaking service or a matchmaker who understands what you really need and want as well as who can be your perfect match, thereby facilitating the progress of your love life now.  Of course, you don’t have to choose the person recommended by your matchmaker, hence you can ask the matchmaker to recommend another person to you – this is the flexibility of matchmaking services, which is definitely much better than arranged marriages!

In order to find a good matchmaking service, you need to do your homework/research.  

Nowadays the best matchmaking services are online, which is not surprising at all.  As a result, we have listed a range of very good matchmaking services on our website, and you can read our reviews carefully before making a decision.  Every review is written by dating experts who are very familiar with how each matchmaking service works, so you know you are in good hands.  We strongly encourage you to compare these matchmaking services and see which one works for you.  Then you can take action because you are well informed.

Why matchmaking services are better than random dating apps on the market:

Best Random dating apps such as Tinder do not know who you are and don’t care either.  They only introduce you to random people and relationships are built on chemistry only, which is very dangerous, because the initial exciting chemistry can’t last forever if that’s the only positive element that you have with your partner.  By contrast, matchmaking services have a better understanding of your personality and lifestyle and they actually understand how relationships work, so they are more likely to help you find the right partner.  In other words, a matchmaker doesn’t introduce random people to you; a matchmaker introduces high quality people to you.

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