While contemplating how you'd interact with an average Russian woman, were you given a chance, you'll always end up wondering about one thing.

While contemplating how you’d interact with an average Russian woman, were you given a chance, you’ll always end up wondering about one thing. What do you even talk to them about? After all, you can’t have a healthy relationship without sharing your interests. Especially if you aim for something stronger than just one-time date.

And, given you’re a Western man, what’s interesting to you at some point will coincide with something that was or still is popular in the West. I.e. modern Western culture. Russians have been distanced from whatever Europeans and Americans were into since Soviet times. They have developed their own media and pop-culture. In the end, how distant an average woman is from Western culture is unclear.

So, let’s dive into this subject to make it a little less obscure.

What is the modern Western culture?

Before understanding how does one even get to know the modern Western culture, it would be prudent to understand what this phrase even stands for. 

In the ancient times of the Cold war, the word ‘West’ implied the United States and the countries that aligned with them. Conveniently most of the population of these countries spoke English quite well. That’s why they generally could watch American and British movies, listen to their songs and enjoy other types of popular entertainment almost without translation.

In short, the Western culture then and today, for the most part, is popular entertainment produced by the United States and the United Kingdom and enjoyed by the countries that understand the language and let these trends inside them.

Not only does it include the movies, the songs and so forth but also things like:




Other popular products

In short – everything you can call your own and unique.

It’s not to say that these are the crucial elements of your relationship with anyone and you can’t possibly find any subject to talk about if your interlocutor doesn’t know American slang, but it helps. It helps build a sense of solidarity with the person and lets you know that she’ll understand most of what you have to say.

The Internet

It’s a bit hard for a modern Russian person to grasp the latest trends from the West. The language barrier is what mostly affects it, but there’s also the lack of solidarity between people from the West and East. The ways of life are just too different.

The Internet, on the other hand, helps reduce the division, especially if you know English. The English-speaking side of the Web has a lot more to offer, and while being there, a Russian user will learn a lot about popular trends of the West. It’ll ultimately make him adopt or at least understand Western culture after a few years. 

But even without knowing any English, the trends usually come into the Russian space of the Internet from outside. Some of the popular stuff still finds a way into Russian society, making an average Russian woman know something about what people in Europe and the States like to do. Sometimes even without knowing she knows it. 

How well do English-speaking Russians know it?

Since you’ll most likely not be dating the people who don’t speak English (that being an infernal challenge and all), the troubles of Russian-speaking users shouldn’t bother you. On the other hand, an average Russian woman who speaks English may not even be into a Western culture very much.

How do you tell, then?

Well, that isn’t very hard, considering that not many people even like the popular entertainment the Internet has to offer. Nowadays, you can also include Youtube videos, serials, and humor. 

The movies and the songs are available to almost every Russian as of today, but the Internet users like to watch them online. 

That said, your best bet is the people who like to spend some time online and openly like the popular stuff the Internet has to offer. Most notably, the movies and said videos. Overall, spending some time in English-speaking communities makes you understand the local culture. So, if you found a Russian woman in one such community, chances are — she knows what’s up.

But if you didn’t, then you can always ask her. That really isn’t even hard. 

Picture of couple watching TV

How well do they know it overall?

For the Russians who speak English but don’t use the Internet, it’s hard to tell whether they know about the ‘wonders’ of European civilization, like all of the popular stuff above. 

The entertainment that you both can enjoy is crucial to the relationship. You’ll want to have fun together once in a while, at least by discussing things you both liked. In that sense, there are lots of things you can enjoy together, but not all of them will be the latest. People who don’t use the Net can still watch the series and movies. But for them, it’ll be quite old-school, via the cinema-theaters or the TV. 

Either way, not all of the latest products of popular culture reaches them, there are license problems, translation issues. Some movies release in Russia but long after the rest of the World.

All in all, issues on every corner. 

However, you can overcome these obstacles. See, you don’t have to be some kind of a connoisseur to enjoy movies, shows, books and alike. You can simply bring the newest stuff your girlfriend. If whatever you showed her is good, she will like it. It’s totally fine to set up such movie nights with an average Russian woman you may end up dating. It’s not like they are incomprehensible to a Russian person. 

Apart from the popular culture

Apart from things that get to you through the Internet and so forth, an average Russian woman doesn’t have a lot in common with any Western woman culture-wise. Obviously, ‘culture’ doesn’t only include the media and whatever gives you entertainment, but also the customs and how a person behaves. 


Image of a flirting couple

In regards to that, Western civilization excels openness, initiative, being independent, etc. It is the staples of the capitalist world, much of which the Russians adopted in the 90s, right after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Strictly speaking, the freedom of expressing yourself and being enterprising doesn’t make your relationship more fun, but it relieves the personality tension.

For instance, dating Japanese people, while fun and new, becomes dull very quickly because a lot of them are self-confined and don’t enjoy the things you enjoy.

Russians, on the other hand, are discussing many subjects you shouldn’t talk about in public pretty openly, especially young people. Just like the Europeans. Some hang out pretty ‘loudly’, so to speak, the way not many people would even 30 years ago. So, they are pretty akin to their European counterparts in that. 

In conclusion

All in all, Western culture in Russia has taken root. Not to a degree that you would be comfortable with while dating some average Russian woman, but way above the level you would’ve expected before. All the popular content the English-speaking media makes, they watch. Maybe not in the original, but they do watch it more than they watch their own stuff nowadays.

So, you can have an easy and enjoyable evening watching or doing something that won’t be incomprehensible to your Russian girlfriend. Moreover, her general behavior will be a lot like your own and a lot unlike what the Soviet people were depicted to stick to before. In the end, if you choose to date a Russian woman who actively uses the Internet, you won’t find any difference in that sense.

Hopefully, you’ve found the answer you were looking for. But if not, don’t despair, there are tons of articles on this very website, waiting for you to uncover them. Maybe they will help. There’s also the video below you can watch if tired of reading, but that’s it for now.