How to date Russian women online and not make it repetitive

Dating people online is very different from doing the same thing in real life. On one hand, you’ve got near unlimited possibilities of spending time together (especially if you and your partner both prefer the comfort of the Internet). On the other hand, though, it may get repetitive fairly easy if you don’t have a lot of imagination. That’s why you need to approach dating Russian women online with cleverness.

Otherwise, your relationship won’t last as much as you’d like. 

It won’t last very long at all if you don’t treat it with enough responsibility. 

Let’s dive right into this conundrum and see if you can improve your remote relationship.

What’re the reasons of this repetitiveness?

Making a relationship less repetitive has everything to do with the effort with which you approach your dating. But the lack of it isn’t necessarily the immediate reason. If the attempt to spend time together with the Russian women online drives you to boredom (not because of them specifically, they are actually good in social aspect), then you do something wrong, for instance:

  1. You don’t plan your evening before it starts. Obviously, you can’t improvise on every occasion. If you don’t have at least some semblance of a plan, you may find yourself doing something you know will entertain you to some degree. And it is a trusty way to make it a routine;
  2. Doing something one of you aren’t very invested in. It’s not as much about doing something new and thrilling on every date as about doing something not thrilling every time. Which is also a bad routine;
  3. Staying on the same website where you met and limit interaction to talking to each other, which is the apex of repetition

Truth be told, if you’ve chosen to read this article on purpose, it means you have this kind of problem or anticipate it to arise. In this case, you can already tell that your relationship will be somewhat repetitive. In fact, the ultimate key to dating Russian women online interestingly is to remove whatever makes it not interesting.

If you’ve already realized what it is and know how to deal with the problem, that’s very good. Otherwise, let’s move on.

Approaching it with a little more imagination

Removing something that makes you both mentally depleted is a sound decision, but what if you can’t do that? There are different life situations when you simply can’t get rid of one of its aspects, even if it’s extremely unhealthy. In this case, you can opt to leave the weaker part of the relationship as it is and focus on making other parts stronger.

What it means is — don’t strike at the source of your boredom, but overcome it instead. If you are, for instance, so exhausted as of late that you can’t plan the evening beforehand or do something together besides talking, you can still make your experience diverse in small things. 

For instance

From the author’s personal experience, making something you’ve done a few times already absolutely ridiculous and stupid doesn’t require a lot of planning. It also doesn’t fail to entertain if all you want this evening is to watch a movie and have a laugh by saying ”hey, that’s *her country name*” when Mordor is on the screen.

Of course, your relationship needs to be pretty deep if you want to pull off such things.

Image of a bored person

What if it gets repetitive, but for your girlfriend only?

Relationships with people overall are full of sticky situations when it turns out that the person you spent time with didn’t like your favorite game as much as you did and doesn’t want to do it as often as you’d like. The same thing may happen to you and your girlfriend after you’d spent a lot of time doing a thing you enjoyed. 

Normally people just say out loud that they don’t like the entire experience before or after it happened… you know, vocally. Especially with girls, because guys like to endure pain for some reason.

But what if she doesn’t want to tell the truth not to upset you, for instance? 

Well, if you’ve done whatever you’ve done a couple of times already and your girlfriend seems to not have as good a time as she does on other occasions (she may even display it on purpose for you to finally figure it out). In this case, just silently stop watching that show/playing that game/discussing that topic with you. Do it with other people.

Immediate solutions


Well, if you wanted to find solutions and not more questions, here’s the short course of how not to get yourself into the silent quicksand that is routine. Making your relationship a routine is never fun. So, the answer is — put more effort into making it less of a routine.

True, it sounds like a ‘just don’t get hurt’ kind of advice, but it’s the only way you can improve the process of dating the Russian women online as quickly as possible. Just stop and think about the possible leisure once in a while. 

Engaging in diverse leisure is the backbone of a healthy relationship.

Unless you want to spend time and improving the process bit by bit, you need to think ahead of yourself. When you’ve watched a movie, you can pick a completely different, yet still enjoyable, type of film to watch on one of the future occasions. 

But don’t start the new watching session as soon as possible. Consider doing something else and always keep in mind the new opportunities. A big group of your friends wants to play or watch a stream together — invite your girlfriend over. 

You can also speak to her more frequently and tell her about the new plans so that she would be able to propose something as well.

Combine dating Russian women online and offline

The online relationship doesn’t last as long because it takes less time to do everything in the Internet and it takes as much (if not more) prowess to think of new ways to entertain your girlfriend and yourself.

That’s why you need to expand the horizon by considering to date your girlfriend in real life as well. It truly doesn’t sound very promising when you live on two different continents. But it’s easier to do it if you live in Europe, especially in the East of it. You can spend vacations somewhere nearby once in a while.

You may think that it’s just a lot of effort and all it will do is push you to date offline now and not online. But that’s not what you should do. You should combine these two ways to use the best from both worlds. 

Most online dating experiences end after some time (a year, at most), mostly because there’s nothing new to do anymore. A lot of more ‘active’ relationships last even less, so that’s actually an alright amount of time. By combining you can make it last even longer. 

You can lengthen your relationship even further, but you need to have physical contact with a person for that. It’s a pretty hard task, considering you need to learn at least some Russian, move to this country and try to understand how to live here. Or persuade her to move to your country. Anyhow, it’s pretty challenging.

Image of a reunited couple

In conclusion

It’s easy to make an online relationship repetitive and boring for the sole reason that it’s so easy to not put any effort into it. From that, you can derive that actually putting effort into making it last will make it last. Be imaginative, find opportunities, think of new ways to spend time together. It’s not very hard if you genuinely want to do it.

In case you aren’t satisfied fully by the information and want more — feel free to check out some of the other guides and articles on this website. Or, if you aren’t very keen to read anymore, you can opt to watch a video instead:

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