How to find a quick hookup: Best casual sex tips

In our busy life of fast activities and fast services, we want hookuping to be fast as well. There are too many casual sex apps today for these needs, but some tricks remain helpful.

Two main types of hookups

Some folks prefer to get laid with experienced hooksexupers while others like inexperienced hotties more. Which is more exciting for you? Both have their own pros and cons.

If you want to be fully satisfied by an expert, learn not to be jealous towards one’s previous and future affairs. If innocence turns you on, learn not to hurt their feelings by a farewell.

Experts are good for quick hookups thanks to their lifestyle and young beginners thanks to their naivety. Try different strategies in each case and you will easily have instant sex.

Be pro-active in sexting

Quick hookups are desired by impatient people. Value your horny state of mind and others’ time, be as proactive as you can. If you’re good in sexting, it will make your casual sex speedy.

Once you liked someone online, get in touch immediately and shower them with compliments and real suggestions until they accept your invitation to meet and get laid.

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  1. If you’re in a relationship, you probably already know the importance of not making assumptions.

  2. We all have been there – we wait for a response, and then are too eager to get back into the dating pool.

  3. But are you making these assumptions? If so, you may be falling victim to one of the most common dating traps.

  4. Although it might seem like the way to go, it’s a bad use of emotional energy and time.

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