Thanks to today’s possibilities, it is extremely easy to get acquainted with a Russian mail bride without even leaving your home.

Thanks to today’s possibilities, it is extremely easy to get acquainted with a Russian mail bride without even leaving your home. That is why it would be unwise not to use this opportunity to make your future family life easier.

However, one of the most well-spread and popular problems is that you do not know enough about your prospective Russian wife. The only way you can fix this is to meet her in reality, which brings you to real-life dating anyway.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid romantic relationships in reality because you should know if you have made the right choice because picking a Russian bride is a responsible process. Besides, it would quite difficult to get a divorce from her if something goes totally wrong.

Therefore, you should use all the possibilities modern dating websites give to you. For example, you have to realize how much time you have before it will be the right moment to meet your Russian mail bride in real life. So, you should not hesitate to ask her about everything you want to know.

After you make sure that she is the right one for you, it is time to move to the next step where you can find out if she has had serious relationships before you. Surely, it depends on many factors like age, the city she lives in, and her family living conditions in general.

It may turn out that your future Russian wife has been married before, which brings you to the point where you should decide whether it is acceptable for you or not. Down below you will learn how to behave in this case.

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Your Russian mail bride does not hide that fact

Luckily for many foreign male representatives, the biggest part of Russian females do not hide the fact that they have been married before, especially if they actually loved this man and they married him to live like a real family but then, something went wrong and they divorced.

That is why you should not be surprised when you see that a Russian mail bride writes about everything that concerns her marital status right on her dating profile online. They do not see anything bad about that they have been married before, especially if the divorce happened due to the man’s fault.

Moreover, you take a risk to see that your Russian wife is actually holding some grudges against you if you start mentioning the fact of her previous marriage too often. It is actually getting on her nerves and you do not need to test it on your own relationships.

In addition, you should not forget that if a Russian woman creates a profile on a matchmaking website, it means she is ready for new romantic relationships. It does not matter whether she has been married before or not since she wants to find a new husband anyway.

So, you should accept this fact peacefully because it is not going to ruin your future family life if you start it with a Russian lady who has had long-lasting relationships before you. The most challenging point is to calm down your jealousy and accept this fact.

Do not get too personal before the first date in reality

As a rule, it is possible to find a Russian mail bride only on some dating websites because they intentionally create their profiles since they are ready to chat with foreign males and see whether it leads to some perspective relationships or not.

You should make sure that you leave all the personal questions on your first date with a Russian female because they may actually scare her while you are communicating through the web. It is really easy to offend her if you ask something way too personal.

Therefore, you have to stay connected at least for a few months before you finally arrange a real-life dating with her just to see if she is going to become the right wife for you. This is when you can ask about all the details connected with her previous marriage.

Although, it is important to remember that the better date you make for a Russian girl, the more chances that she will answer your question honestly. She will notice how hard you are trying to earn her trust since the very first meeting. There will be no point in hiding such an important fact as being married before from you.

However, you should be ready to accept it without showing any reaction to her. It should look as if you are simply getting new facts that do not influence your attitude towards her. If you break this rule, she will understand that her words hurt you and she will try to hide some facts next time.

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Dealing with a Russian mail bride’s children

One of the serious things that may happen to you when you are dating a Russian female who has been married before is that she is likely to have at least one child. It would be okay if her kid is like 14 or even older, but if it is not like this, you should be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

For example, if we are talking about a child who is like 6-10 years old, you will struggle with the language barrier because your Russian lady’s child will not understand you. This may also be worsened by the fact that you do not know a single word in Russian.

Another problem that may arise is that your Russian mail bride’s kid feels really jealous when you visit her at least once in a few months. You can be sure that her child will simply not accept you, especially if you do not try to earn his or her trust in a way.

Nonetheless, the situation will definitely change if your relationships will last for more than a year or so because children get used to new things and people quite easily. You can be sure that everything will become even better after you start speaking Russian because it is an essential part of becoming closer with her kid.

Be prepared for the endless comparisons at first

The biggest part of Russian women who have been married before, really like to compare their today’s romantic partners with the ones they had in the past. You will have to deal with this personal feature or so-called habit because it does not mean anything bad.

Even if you notice that your Russian bride compares you with her previous husband, you should know that she does that just to show you that you are way better than he was. You should never perceive it as a personal offence or anything like it; otherwise, you take a risk to make it look like a scandal.

It is important to understand the fact that Russian women’s expectations from their future family life can be really diverse. You will not be able to meet all her requirements just because you cannot be perfect at anything, and something will remind her of her previous husband who was good at this particular thing.

Keep in mind that the majority of Russian girls make these comparisons subconsciously since they simply have some good or bad memories from the past. The sooner you deal with this, the easier it will be for you to build a family with your Russian mail bride because you accept her the way she is.

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Do not try to be better than her previous man was

Of course, the fact that your Russian wife was with another man hurts your self-esteem greatly, but you should deal with this in order not to destroy your present relationships, especially if you are actually planning to get married to her in the end.

Besides, it will serve as proof that you are confident about yourself since you are not jealous at all. What is the point of being disappointed just because your Russian woman was married a long time ago? It does not play any role now because she is with you.

In addition, you have to appreciate it if your Russian mail bride does not hide it and tells you about it openly and honestly. It means that she is ready to build a new family with you forgetting everything she had back in the past. So, make sure you understand it and leave all your grudges somewhere behind.

Although, you will have to try hard enough to get her to the registry office once again because she may have awful memories connected with this place, but they will eventually disappear, especially if your relationships do not break up after a few months. You will have to go there if you want to become a husband and wife officially anyway.