Even if you consider yourself the true master of picking up hot Russian women, you still can spoil everything by simply saying a phrase that may seem rude or inappropriate to a Russian bride.

Even if you consider yourself the true master of picking up hot Russian women, you still can spoil everything by simply saying a phrase that may seem rude or inappropriate to a Russian bride. This will not allow you to build serious relationships no matter how hard you try.

In order to make sure that Russian ladies actually understand and like you as much as you do them, you should know a certain list that contains some questions you should never ask about while talking to a female from this country.

It will be quite hard to find out about all the forbidden questions because every Russian girl has her own secrets and stories from the past. So, reminding her at least one unpleasant thing may ruin your relationships from the very beginning.

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Therefore, you need to be really careful when you wish to learn about Russian women’s details, especially the ones concerning her private life or a family one. You can actually offend her quite easily since the majority of them are extremely sensitive and emotional.

It is true that the biggest part of Russian ladies take everything too seriously but you cannot do anything about it. You will have to deal with this unusual personal feature if you wish to be in good relationships with a female.

Before going to Russia, you just have to practice on the Internet because you do not take that many risks if you offend a Russian bride online and she is likely to forget about what you have done quite soon. Although, the situation may be different if you do something like this in reality because it depends on her temper.

Do not ask hot Russian women about their previous relationships

The first and one of the most popular mistakes is that foreign grooms always want to know how many men their Russian girls have dated before them. In fact, they do not hesitate to ask this question directly right on the very first date.

Of course, they want to know the answer as soon as possible because it will make it easier for them to decide whether this particular Russian lady is worth their time. Nonetheless, if you start your first conversation with a question like that, the best thing you can expect is that your prospective bride just leaves you alone.

However, everything may turn out to be worse and she may slap you in the face just because hot Russian women do not ask such questions themselves and they do not want to hear them from foreigners.

It is completely understandable since you literally try to find out what she has been doing before she even met you. So, this is really inappropriate even if you feel like you cannot continue dating this beautiful Russian girl without knowing that information.

Just try to imagine what she feels like when she gets such a question from a man that she knows a few days or even less. It is easy to suppose that she is not going to give you another chance since you behave so bad and impolite. This may serve you a lesson next time you arrange a date with a Russian female.

Everything will become clear after your first meeting

You see, a lot of Russian women are extremely straightforward even if we are talking about romantic relationships with a man from abroad. They do not like beat around the bush because they are sure that real feelings should be visible from the first meeting.

Therefore, you should be prepared if your Russian girl herself will ask you some personal uncomfortable questions since she just wants to see whether you are good enough for her or she should try her luck with another man.

Since we all live in the modern world, your first date with a Russian lady will tell you everything you need to know. Nonetheless, you should answer her question honestly and stay still not to make her think that you are hiding something from her.

In fact, she can easily ask you whether you are going to get married to her in the nearest future because the biggest part of hot Russian women are sure that their romantic part of life is the most important one and they are not ready to waste their young years running from one man to another.

Anyway, if you agree with her, it means that you already have a higher chance of building successful relationships with her than any other males do. You should not be afraid of her personal question, but you should be careful when you want to ask something yourself; otherwise, she may misinterpret in her head and you will find that you are in a very inconvenient situation.

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Ask nothing about hot Russian women’s relatives

Certainly, you have heard that one of the best topics you can even think of when sitting on a date with a Russian lady is her parents and family in general. Although, it is partly true but you should not force things if you do not know each other well enough.

You can move to this topic only if you feel like you have nothing to hide from each other anymore because some hot Russian women want to know more about you, not about your relatives or friends.

So, you should try to make it look like you are completely into her even if you do not know what you should talk about. The time will come and you will be able to discuss everything you wanted to know about each other’s families.

It happens so because Russian females consider their close relatives as something they should never show to anybody. They do not talk about their job, names, age, and so on. Therefore, you should not keep her under pressure before the right time comes.

Besides, your Russian lady will definitely give you a clear hint when your relationships move onto the next level and this will be the perfect moment to talk about your parents or even arrange dinner together with them.

Getting some practice on the Internet

As has been mentioned above, if you do not feel confident enough when it comes to talking with Russian women, you can get some experience chatting them through the web. Thanks to modern technologies, you can do it from any place in the world.

The only problem is that you should choose a dating website for yourself properly where you will be one hundred percent sure that local Russian girls are not going to scam you. Even if it happens, you simply should not transfer them any money to avoid unnecessary problems.

When you find yourself online, you can easily start a chat with hot Russian women you consider attractive. They are absolutely real and you can even arrange a date with one of them when you decide to fly to Russia.

This is the place when you should not be afraid of saying a wrong word or asking an inappropriate question because online relationships with Russian girls look different from the real ones. Even if she deletes you from her friend list, you can meet another one right there.

Try not to look like you are a completely inexperienced man because you should be able to arouse their interest, which can be really difficult when you are doing it through the web. However, it is still better than losing your time and money without getting anything right in Russia.

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Talking about each other’s job may be boring and rude

This is a totally forbidden topic, especially if this is your very first date with one of the hot Russian women unless you want to spoil everything and leave the worst impression on your prospective wife.

You should never mention anything considering your job. It does not matter whether you earn a lot of money or you work as a janitor because Russian girls simply do not want to listen to this when they meet you for the first time.

Certainly, it plays a crucial role if you have been in romantic relationships for more than a few months or even years because you definitely think of creating a family in the nearest future, but it is of a little importance when you only get to know each other.

That is why you should try your best not to mention the place where you work or the amount of salary you get because your Russian bride may consider that you are showing off for no reason, which is extremely rude in their eyes. You should be a shy and well-bred man if you wish to see her on the second date.