Russian dating agency fees: should you pay for matchmaking services?

If you’ve decided to search for a life partner in Russia, you may wonder whether you should pay local dating agency fees or try to find your soul mate on your own. Well, it depends on many factors.

Women from Russia are much sought after, because it is known that they make wonderful partners in marriages and long term relationships. Women from Russia are famous all through the world for their exquisite good looks, their brilliant intellects, their culture, and charm. When you consider that all these wonderful attributes are merged with an excellent set of family values, it isn’t difficult to understand why men from different countries would prefer to marry a Russian woman.

And so, men from different parts of the world congregate in Russia, trying to find the woman of their dreams. However, while some men have a reasonable idea of how to go about things, others are quite lost. After all, it would hardly be worthwhile to arrive in a city in a strange country, not knowing anyone and yet hoping to find a Russian wife. Indeed, this is hardly the most efficient way to go about such search.

Find a good matchmaking service in Russian dating agencies

Dating sites or dating agencies?

If a man is willing to use a sort of matchmaking service, he can either join an international dating site with a paid membership, or pay Russian dating agency fees.

How do dating sites operate?

One way to go around something like this is to join with an international dating site. Most people follow a fairly standard path, browsing among the profiles of women on the site, and then trying to find a person who is compatible with their personality and interests. Then, of course, they send a woman the message.

Simple as this procedure is, it very often works, and a person can find a wonderful partner for a relationship in this way. This is the age of the internet, after all, and a couple who are dating online, have lots of options. They can email each other, send each other online cards, engage in voice conversations or video calls, or simply chat using a wide range of instant messengers.

Besides this, one can always send one’s beloved gifts and presents in the post. Most of this is inexpensive, and even a gift that you send your beloved through the post need not cost very much. What is important, after all, is that it is chosen with care and some regards to a person’s likes and personality. When the couple feel that they know each other well enough, one of them will travel to another person’s country, where they can finally meet face to face.

What are the advantages of dating agencies?

While dating sites offer a great way to meet someone from another country, dating agencies are also an excellent approach. You can go for it if the whole online dating thing is not for you.

Yes, a man can travel to Russia and he will find that he’s surrounded by potential dates. There will be attractive women everywhere, and he will encounter them very often. However, this can still be a little clumsy, as it’s not at all true that every woman you encounter will be interested in dating a person from another country.

And after all, many women you’ll encounter in this way will either be married, or else, in a steady relationship with someone. There is also the language barrier, and a person you meet casually in Russia may not be able to converse with you in your own language.

So if you’d like meting someone in person and dating them in person, paying dating agency fees makes a great deal more sense. How does a typical Russian agency work? Well, it is much like a dating agency anywhere in the world, except that the focus of such an agency is not casual dating, but marriage and long term commitment.

Those who sing up with such an agency are usually searching for long term partner rather than for causal encounters, and that in itself is one of the things that make dating agencies such an attractive option. But what makes dating agencies much better options than the international dating sites that we discussed previously?

A great database of women’s profiles

Well, for one thing, many women in Slavic countries, and especially in Russia, much prefer the approach used by dating agencies (or marriage agencies, as they are usually called in Russia). They rather like the idea that professionals ensure honesty at both ends, and they like the support of translation services that marriage agencies always provide.

Besides, these marriage agencies offer support to women in other ways as well, helping them to create a profile that is interesting, informative and attractive, and in assisting them in selecting the best photographs.

Besides this, if a woman doesn’t happen to have photographs that will suit her profile, a marriage agency will have her pictures taken by a professional photographer. This is one of the reasons there are such attractive profiles on the sites of many marriage agencies.

They also do their best to match partners who are compatible, as well as to provide considerable translation services if a woman’s level of English is not sufficient.

Dating a Russian girl after using a matchmaking services in dating agency

Experienced matchmakers

There are advantages for men as well, that’s why they willingly pay dating agency fees. After all, the process is certainly not as random as arriving in a strange cities and trying to approach strange women. When you go to a marriage agency, they will help you to go through their database and find the women most suitable to your personality and interests. A good Russian matchmaking service can change your life forever.

You’ll also be assisted considerably with help and tips on how to handle the initial stages of a relationship. Then, the women you’re interested in may be contacted, and if they agree to do so, you’ll meet them.

Assistance of a professional translator

It goes without saying that the professional translators are ready to help you too, and indeed, if here is a considerable difference in languages, their assistance will be crucial in the initial stages of your relationship.

Having a professional translator on hand not only allows both partners to get to know each other well, but also can prevent a great deal of misunderstanding. The professional translator can accompany you even if you go out on a date, for example, to a local cafe or park, or to the theatre or museum.

Other services

They can also assist you in other ways as well if you pay dating agency fees. For example, if you intend to spend a reasonable amount of time in a Slavic country, you may not easily be able to find a place to stay on, such as an apartment. This is where a marriage agency comes in, and they can find comfortable lodgings for you, which come furnished, and which are well designed for a comfortable stay. Best of all, all this will be at a price which is perfectly reasonable.

Marriage agencies are also connected to various gift shops across local cities in Russia, as well as to florists. This means that you can arrange to have gifts or flowers sent to a woman you’re interested in, even if you don’t happen to be in the country, and you can do this quickly, easily and conveniently.

Matchmaking and other services in Russian dating agencies

Just go to the site of a gift shop or florist and select a beautiful bouquet for your beloved, or an interesting and thoughtful gift, and you can be assured that she will receive it in a few hours. The best part is that none of these things will strain you financially, as all the gifts and flowers are very reasonably priced, and well within your budget.

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Some final words

It’s up to you whether to pay marriage agency fees or try to start a relationship with a Russian woman on your own. You can try dating sites or approaching women locally, and if neither of these methods works, it’s never too late to pay dating agency fees and see what they can do in order to improve your love life.

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