Russian marriage scams: Do they really want the only thing from you?

There seems to be a growing level of anxiety among foreign grooms who are afraid of meeting Russian marriage scams since the latter has suddenly understood what popularity they have. This fear is easy to explain because it is easy to lose all your money if something goes wrong.

It is necessary to take some measures in order to protect yourself from being scammed while you are looking for a Russian woman using non-traditional ways. It concerns all the foreign male representatives because no one wants to get disappointed in Russian ladies that are worth your attention for real.

Therefore, you should think twice before getting into serious relationships with a Russian girl online because she may be one of the scammers that are looking for your money only. You can never tell for sure whom you are dating before it gets too late.

Nevertheless, dating through the web remains one of the most wide-spread methods that allows you to get acquainted with Russian women without going to this country.

Certainly, it saves an enormous amount of money and time because you may do it at home or even at work while you have a short break. So, it seems like an indisputable fact that Russian marriage scams are actually dangerous only when you agree to do everything they ask you about.

This is not a wise thing to do because you should always take your time before letting this or that Russian girl too close. The best option is to arrange a real-life date with her in order to see whether she is actually who you expect her to be or she still leaves much to be desired.

Adult fit attractive Russian woman walking all alone in the park while posing for a photo

Russian marriage scams always look for the trusting ones

It is actually true that scammers usually want to get closer to a man who does not know much about the way online dating works. This is easier to persuade him to transfer his money for an intimate service he is not going to get after all. Therefore, such ladies do everything possible to find males just like this.

If you do not want to find yourself on this list, you should follow several of the most important rules:

  • do not look at a Russian girl’s photo only;
  • take some time before being too personal;
  • reject any intimate invitations for money;
  • do not agree to help her financially before meeting in reality.

These simple tips will keep you protected from Russian marriage scams that are always looking for your money. Moreover, they will do anything possible just to persuade you that they need some financial support. Some Russian girls do not even hesitate to send their nudes to get some dollars in return.

Another suspicious factor that can help you define whether you are dealing with a Russian scammer is that she writes you first. However, it is not really typical of females from this country as they prefer to wait for males to take the initiative even if we are talking about dating through the web. So, this will also work for you in order to block a woman who is trying to fool you.

Do not hesitate to ask about details

Let us imagine that you are about to arrange a real-life date with a beautiful Russian lady, but you still doubt whether she is a reliable one or not. You can actually check this even if it is like two or three days before your meeting.

The only thing you need to do is to stop playing a shy guy and start asking serious questions you are really interested in. It will serve as a pillow of safety for you if she suddenly begins to behave strangely and suspiciously.

You can ask about everything you consider important before your first real-life meeting. For example, you may wonder what her education or profession is, and so on. She should look like a decent bride for you, not one of the Russian marriage scams who only want to suck money out of you.

After that, you may even ask her about the parents and other relatives in order to see if they are all good and honest people. All these small details about a Russian lady will help you get a full image of her before you even meet each other. Then, your opinion may become absolutely different if you consider her unworthy.

Besides, everything she says should sound convincing because it is typical of scammers to take a pause before responding. However, usual Russian females do not do that because they know the answer straight away and they do not want to hide anything from you. That is why you should see how much time it takes her to answer you.

Beautiful curly-haired Russian girl sitting in her room while studying and looking sideways

Russian marriage scams hunt not only for your finance

Unfortunately, a lot of foreign male representatives become scammers’ victims on a daily basis anyway. Although, you can deal with the fact if someone steals money from you, especially if it is not too much because you can always earn more and learn from your mistakes for the future.

Nonetheless, it happens so that Russian marriage scams wriggle into men’s favor so much that the latter are ready to invite them to live with them right in their home country. So, they immediately start doing all the paperwork to invite her officially as soon as possible. This is when you should stop and think whether she is actually worth it because you take a serious step that would be hard to cancel in the future.

It would be perfectly fine and normal if this woman were a decent and honest one. However, she is going to move in with a foreigner just to get more money out of him because it will be more difficult to reject her if she is always around you.

That is why she does not even doubt about whether she should accept such an invitation because such scammers know that they can get citizenship without problems. These poor men do not even realize that they literally trap themselves when they do it.

Use special services to get rid of unnecessary risks yourself

Once you have a bad experience in trying to find a Russian bride without someone’s help, you should think of using special marriage agencies that allow you to get acquainted with trusted reliable Russian females. Of course, they will charge some money for their services but it is actually worth it.

You will realize how efficient it is to use marriage agencies because they literally do all the work for you. There is no need to go out and meet Russian women on the street or even on the Internet. You just have your own manager who always offers you a few choices when some Russian ladies are ready to talk to you.

Then, you should decide which one you like the most and arrange a date at any time. It does not matter whether you are going to see her in real life or through the web because Russian dating agency helps you anyway and you just need to get ready for the date itself.

A lot of foreign grooms agree that it is better to pay dating agencies instead of Russian marriage scams because the latter ones does not give you any guarantees that they will remain with you after you spend so much money. All these matchmaking sites at least help you to find a decent woman to build a family with.

Portrait of colorful young smiling Russian woman wearing round sunglasses during a music festival

Pretend to be a poor man with no money at all

It does not matter who you are dating right now because this kind of test is always worth trying since it helps you define whether this particular Russian woman is with you just because of your money or she actually has romantic feelings for you.

After you have been chatting with a Russian female for a few weeks, she is likely to ask you about your possible meeting in reality. However, you should „warn“ her that you are actually poor and you cannot even afford one dinner at the restaurant with her.

There is a huge chance that she will break up with you after that, but you do not spend your money and time in return. It becomes obvious that she was interested in your money only. However, you can face an opposite situation a bit later on.

For example, you say that you do not really have extra money to entertain one of the possible Russian marriage scams, but she does not say a single bad word about it because she just wants to see you personally and you can simply have a walk together to get to know each other. If you find a female like this, she is the best one to become your wife.