Top secrets of casual sex in Calgary from the tourists experts

Canada is known for its open-minded girls and generous cougar ladies. But how to treat them? Our experts are sharing their best hookup tips for building intimate connections in Calgary.

Respect their personal space

Although it’s still western culture, Canadian singles cannot be approached on the same conditions as American ones. A person should keep the healthy distance and never insist on anything.

Share the bill

Both single females and males in Calgary are too independent for paying for them, except for professional sugar babies who’d let you know in advance. Hookup date free special for singles. So, share the bill and that’s by default.

Former hookups are ok

Modern singles in Canada aren’t jealous or prejudiced towards their casual partner’s former hookups. Discussing them only creates better chemistry and proves you’re both mature people.

Scripts make sex better

Surprisingly, Calgary singles are so open-minded that it makes them less spontaneous. They do practice creating the scripts of the upcoming sex and discussing all actions in advance.

Talk the business

Some people prefer silence during sex and others prefer dirty talks. Well, Canadians are cool with their habit to talk about work and professional matters while in a bed. Just get used to it.

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  1. If you’re looking to meet women for dating, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

  2. Men will think this is a stupid place to meet women, and it won’t be easy to get sex there.

  3. However, women like men who live an interesting lifestyle, so you need to make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

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