What are the main rules for a successful Russian date?

If you are a foreigner who actually wishes and strives to get acquainted with a Russian lady, you should definitely learn more about the rules of a Russian date because they play a great role when you are planning to get closer to your prospective bride.

In fact, the majority of Russian women claim that only one successful date can actually make you look better in their eyes because they are used to judging men’s behavior by their ability to woo a female in proper way.

Therefore, before going directly to Russia or visiting a Russian matchmaking service, it is crucially important to get some experience and knowledge in the aspect of wooing and dating local girls, especially if you wish to create long-lasting and happy relationships, not just another one-night stand.

There will be a higher chance of picking up a Russian woman you like if you manage to combine the way of arranging a date like their local men do, but you should add some of your Western manners in order to show her that you actually take care of her.

This is what should be done to make your first Russian date be memorable and literally unforgettable. You will be able to say that you are the one who knows how to woo a Russian girl in a proper manner once you master the ability to combine the best male qualities possible.

It will help you create a family with the most beautiful Russian bride or get to know any beauty you wish to get in bed with. It depends on your personal purpose because the right date will be necessary anyway.

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Do not be afraid of bringing something new to a Russian date

It has been mentioned that you should try to combine the best tricks to arrange a perfect date like a local Russian man, but no one forbids you to apply something new to surprise your female once you meet each other in reality even for the first time.

Of course, you should know when to stop because it may get out of control when experimenting. Try to follow what your male instincts tell you because they actually work with Russian women when they meet men for the first time.

A lot of Russian girls look at your behavior and the way you present yourself during the first date. Moreover, your little experiments and surprises will show her that you can take the initiative and make your own decision without being afraid of failure.

Even if you do something that is out of your Russian bride’s taste, she will never tell you that directly to your face because she appreciates the mere fact of your nice attempt to bring something new and unusual to her life. Only a few local males do that for their ladies and you are a foreigner who does that.

Keeping that in mind will allow you to get closer to Russian women almost in no time because it will be more than enough to arrange only one date before this particular female falls in love with you once and forever. Then, you can use this for your own purpose and aim.

Your virtual and real date with a Russian beauty can be absolutely different

Thanks to modern technologies, thousands of men and women find each other using the Internet nowadays. However, some of them do not really understand that having virtual and real relationships is a bit a different thing. It becomes clear that they think so when they meet each other for the first time in reality.

For example, the majority of men think that they are actually dating a model who does not have any disadvantages when it comes to her appearance, but it is just a good fake image that a lot of females do in the modern world. They make such a conclusion because they trust Russian women’s online photos, but they do not wish to ask for another photo exactly for them.

Young beautiful Russian lady wearing a red vintage dress with the phone in her hands

When it comes to ladies themselves, the biggest part of them are sure that they are dating a rich and reliable man, but in reality, they may find out that there is nothing similar to that. Unfortunately, they almost do not have a chance of predicting that because some males simply lie to their future beloved women to create a better image.

That is why when you are going on your personal Russian date, keep in mind that there can be a bit different lady from what you have imagined inside of your head. In the end, you can break up with her after you realize that you cannot become a happy couple, but try to behave naturally during your date. It will not hurt her feelings and can even leave a good memory.

Think of every detail when arranging a Russian date

This is quite important to prepare for your prospective date in advance in order to take into account all the details and possible problems that may arise during your preparation. In the end, it will definitely create a positive atmosphere for you and your Russian woman.

There is nothing wrong if you ask your beloved lady what dishes she prefers or what types of wines she drinks because it is better to know these things when you are not sitting in front of each other. Certainly, there will not be an element of a surprise left, but who cares.

Besides, if you manage to arrange a Russian date according to your woman’s tastes, she will notice how important her opinion is. It is a good way to start your newly-minted relationships because you already become a leader of the prospective family in her eyes.

In addition, it will help you feel on the rise since this is male nature. When you see that your woman is happy, you also become happy because you can share this moment together with her. This is how you become the parts of each other once and forever. Try to be a romantic who understands that not only ladies can dream because it helps a lot at the beginning.

Be a real gentleman when arranging the evening of your dreams for a girl

Certainly, it is necessary to get ready for your Russian date in advance, but you should not forget that your presence should be visible during the whole evening. For example, it is advisable to show some gentleman manners towards your Russian girl.

A lot of them expect you to be courteous during the whole evening because you come from the Western world where males understand what women enjoy in men. In fact, this is why they start creating relationships and families with males from different countries.

You will notice that it is actually way easier to find a Russian bride for you if you at least pay the bill when you finish your dinner at the restaurant because your Russian woman already sees that you are generous and know how to please a girl.

This is like the most basic rule because you should also help her to put on her outer clothing when you are going out. Moreover, your task is to pull out a chair for your beloved girl in order to let her sit first. All these small details play a huge role when a Russian woman makes a conclusion about you. She will give you a hint about whether she is satisfied and ready for the second date.

Young Russian girl with headphones in a yellow T-shirt and a straw hat walks with a backpack along a city

Unusual places for a date may make it something more than you expected

Think of several epic and unexpected places to arrange your Russian date in because this is how you can surprise your beautiful Russian woman as well. Besides, it is a great experience for you to develop your imagination in this aspect since not many men can brag about it nowadays.

Certainly, you can start with the most basic options such as going to the cinema, park, or theater. However, try to organize something that requires movement from both of you in order to let you become even closer. Keep in mind that two people become a single entity when they constantly interact with each other.

She may have not fallen in love with you yet, but this trick with unusual places will definitely help you become her favorite men in no time at all. She will appreciate your efforts and ideas on making your first date so memorable.

In fact, you will enjoy it yourself because you may find out some new interests and hobbies. They will bring you two closer together in the future for sure, especially if you are dating a young Russian girl because these types of females always strive for self-development and they wish their husbands to do the same thing together with them.

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