What’s the best dating app to use on the Europeans?

Europe is obviously one of the more popular tourist destinations worldwide. Not only does it offer the visitors a rich variety of resorts, history, culture sights, and so on, but also some of the most attractive women in the world. Obviously still, if you want the best and quickest results while trying to find European ladies for the night, you’ll have to find the best dating app for your own circumstances. 

The Europeans use the Internet very frequently, meaning they are prone to using a large number of apps, dating apps included. Chances are, the app that you yourself prefer to use may very well prove useful in most European countries. There is, however, a couple of dating apps you’ll be most efficient with.

And if you do want to continue using your app of choice, there are several provisos you need to look into.

The provisos

Saying that all dating apps will do fine is an overstatement. If you don’t want to pay for another one just for this trip, thinking that the one you’ve already got is perfectly efficient, you should take several things into account:

  1. Is it localized? The app you’ve downloaded and paid for may be quite popular, but it doesn’t mean it will prove useful outside of your country. Here’s the thing — a lot of them are made specifically for one country or region to minimize the effort. The perfect example — Frim, it’s a Russian dating app with tons of users. However, it only has tons of them because the former USSR is a fairly populated place;
  2. Is it linguistically compatible? See here — not all countries in Europe are equally fluent in English. It’s possible to find a person who speaks English there, but it’s not a problem. The problem is the fact that speaking it and using the app on it despite the discomfort are two different things. If the app doesn’t support some local language, the users from the respective country are most likely to find another app that supports their tongue
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Of course, you can go even further and see if it’s possible to find out how many users an app has in specific countries and cities, but it doesn’t always work. Checking these two, however, will give you some idea of how efficient your app will be.

Choosing your app

You, of course, can pick any app you like based on these two pieces of advice, or maybe by your own logic. However, there are three perfectly fine options that you could choose to make your romantic trip most efficient. Figuring out which of them is the best dating app for you specifically is up to you still.


It may feel obvious, but it isn’t the best dating app for the entirety of the continent. It has its rivals, which actually overpower Tinder in some regions, making it more prudent to download an app based on its popularity in certain regions. 

Tinder, for instance, is extremely popular in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway). Here, Tinder outruns other dating apps by far in the number of users. 

It’s also alright to use it in virtually any other country of Europe, Tinder is one of the most downloaded apps out there, after all. However, if you want your experience to be quick and comfortable, you might consider other options.

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This one is less known. If you download it, you may have less luck finding someone with it outside of the area for which it was designed. The good thing is, this area is pretty big. LOVOO was first, it seems, made for the German-speaking people who wanted to find the company for the night.

True, the majority of the LOVOO users are living in Germany and neighboring Austria and Switzerland. Moreover, here LOVOO is the most popular dating app. It’s also probably the best dating app to use on the locals, since they prefer it over other titans, like Tinder or Badoo.


Speaking of Badoo, it’s also a reasonable choice for Europe. Not in order of diminishing efficacy, though. It’s perfectly reasonable to use Badoo in Southern and Eastern Europe. since Tinder is somehow less popular here. If you only have Tinder, however, then it’s not a big deal.

It’s not like you need to give it your best effort to find someone to spend time with. Having fewer users here (like Tinder does) doesn’t imply having near-zero popularity in these parts. But Badoo will still have more, and you’ll feel it if ever you’ll want to find a cute girl in a small town or in the close vicinity.

Badoo is also perfect if you want to narrow down your search even more by designating the preferred hobbies and interests. Tinder doesn’t have it.

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In conclusion

It’s only an eligible article if you want to weigh your options before downloading one app or another. If you have one of these already, then the differences aren’t critical. You’ll always be able to find a few good matches with each of these apps, even LOVOO. 

In the end, it’s still up to you to see which is the best dating app for you specifically. See other features of theirs, read reviews, compare prices. Good luck with that. And if you need help with figuring out what online dating’s like, check this video out: