Why Many Russian Women are Single?

A present Russian woman can boast to have everything, cozy home loving parents, good income, fancy clothes, prestigious job, but very often Russian woman is lonely… she doesn’t have a strong shoulder to lean against and happy harmonious family cheered by children’s laughter.

The sad reality is that Russian women very often prefer to be alone than just to be married no matter what. Every Russian woman needs to love and be loved and requires a partner by her side, but every woman has her set of criteria and standards to a life partner. The mostly searched example is a serious man with good sense of humor, family-oriented, having no bad habits, intelligent, generous and kind.

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As a rule appearance and age are not that important for a Russian woman. However, his wisdom and inner world, his soul and character are ‘must have’ factors for a good Russian woman respecting herself.

The sad results of this selection are that Russian women stay single as many Russian men don’t meet these criteria. However, together with this Russian women don’t lose hope to meet Mr. Right at any age and even having kids from previous marriages or relationships.

Russian women and women from former Soviet Union countries are diverse, have different characters, different outlooks, different lives, but one thing unites them all – they all dream about family.

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Many Russian women are alone as they have kids and are afraid to start romantic affair again. They first think of their children and the fear their children would be mistreated by a step father, makes them wait until their children are grown ups, losing the best ages of their femininity.

Some of Russian women stay single due to the devotion to their jobs and carriers, simply not having time for themselves and family life. However, wearing a mask of strong woman is not bearable for a long time as any Russian woman remains a woman dreaming about true love.

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